Raindance Landscaping, Boulder

If you’re tired of muddy shoes and slippery grass, you should consider installing patios and walkways on your property.

At Raindance Landscaping we have many materials to choose from including: paver, natural stone, wood, concrete, and others.

Patios and walkways allow you, and your friends or customers to safely get to where they want to be, to enjoy the outdoor area, and to not track mud and dirt inside. But in addition to the practical and functional uses of patios and walkways, they can also add great beauty to your home or business, creating a welcoming environment to sit, stroll and enjoy the outdoors.

At Raindance Landscaping, we offer many varieties of patios and walkways, including, stone over grass, where we lay down the stone pavers, then put grass around them. We also use brick and gravel, which is budget-friendly and can be put in quickly.  The winding paver walkway is beautiful and creates a path for you to enjoy walking through your property. We can also create a custom walkway, exactly the way you image it. We can add designs that are beautiful and fit the style of your house or business. We always use premium materials like stone and concrete pavers. Pavers come in many designs, shapes and sizes and can withstand extreme temperatures and low-maintenance.

Patios create a great useful and fun space. It will enhance your outdoor living area and increase your home’s value. We can create your  patio from natural stones or pavers, brick, concrete slabs, terracotta tiles for the flooring and wood or aluminum materials for the roofing and walls.

Your patios and walkways are just the beginning; Raindance Landscaping can create fireplaces, fire pits, water features, garden walls and walkways, and the ultimate outdoor kitchen.