Raindance Landscaping, Boulder

We understand the importance of our customers feeling comfortable with their landscape investment.

A small investment in landscape design and consulting up front will pay for itself in landscaping efficiency and the best-possible built landscape. Whether you want landscaping for entertaining, tranquility, or for curb appeal and enhancement of real estate value, we have the ability to create your outdoor oasis.

We’d love to help you design your property with your goals, your budget, and your interests in mind. We start the process with a thorough survey of your personal goals and all of the specific issues pertaining to your property. After getting familiar with your project, we will develop design products tailored to your needs and wants. Whether starting with a blank-slate new property, or remodeling an old, overgrown and neglected yard, landscape design will help you achieve the highest quality, sustainable landscaping to complement your lifestyle.

Our landscape designs incorporate the newest innovations, products, concepts, and materials while combining year round interest with hardy, Colorado grown plant materials.

If you choose to hire Raindance to build the your landsape design, we will reimburse a portion of the landscape design fee. If not, the design is yours to build from how you please.